Manatee Pocket

After a bit of challenging sailing, we arrived to anchor in Manatee Pocket, at the St. Lucie inlet.

We left Fort Pierce (forever?) at noon, after finishing essential business, including testing our new Mercury 15 outboard engine for the dinghy (a tender – an inflatable boat used to get from anchored boat to shore).

We had 18-20 knots tailwind, with following seas of five feet. We were surfing down the waves. Kind of fun, but Ori was not happy. Our surfer-girl champion, Paloma, felt right at home. Jib only. Sailing at 5 to 6 knots. The mainsail would probably have added a knot, but we decided not to do the work.

We entered the very challenging St Lucie Inlet with plenty of light. A really narrow pass between two breakwalls. We followed the channel markers VERY closely (“red right returning”). Then we found Manatee Pocket and anchored. We did not get the bridle right, so we were “horsing” (swinging) the whole time.

We settled into boat life very quickly. Most slept very well. Lulu is adapting well (pee and poop problem solved – you don’t have to know the details.

Today, with 5 foot swells to our beam (left side) projected, we’ll try the inside passage – ICW – Intracoastal Waterway. To Jupiter inlet and farther to Lake Worth near West Palm Beach.

Our goal is to reach Fort Lauderdale on Monday evening.

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