Did we ever say there’s no schedule on a sailboat?

It’s now about a month since we purchased our Leopard47 Catamaran. Since then we encountered numerous technical challenges that come with buying a 20 year old boat, beautiful as she is.

We are anchored in Coconut Grove in South Miami just outside of Dinner Key Marina. Marinas, we found out, are all full at this time of the year. It’s OK, we’re fine anchoring and approaching the shore via our dinghy. Lulu likes the dinghy rides as long as they are not too exciting. She jumps in and out like a champion, way more gracefully than me.

Our Porto Rican crew left a few days ago. It has been nice to regain quiet and privacy again. It was a major lesson in communication across languages and cultures.

This coming Sunday a couple of friends from Connecticut will join us and if the gods of wind and UPS delivery trucks will favor us we will finally set sail on Monday towards Key Largo. We are planning to stop for a day in Marathon and visit with friends. From there we will continue to Key West and Dry Tortugas.

Now, that our Cuban plan has been aborted, our next stop after Dry Tortugas is Isla Mujeres in the Yacutan, Mexico. Stay tuned.

Yesterday night, sitting on the deck, we saw the beautiful new moon of Adar II (in the Hebrew Calendar) and were reminded that no matter what, keeping a sense of humor and lightness of heart in the face of challenges, personal and global, is essential for our survival.

We are praying for peace,

Shabbat Shalom


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coastal cruiser, passage-maker

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