A different kind of Purim

We celebrated Erev Purim on the deck at the Garrison Bight Morning Field. The lights of neighboring mooring boats added festivity to our humble meal and small company.

We had no hamantaschen but plenty of beer and wine and audience that listened to the story of Purim for the first time.

Thursday welcomed us with clear sky, calm sea and no wind. We motored all the way to Dry Tortugas and entered a gorgeous anchorage just as two water planes landed nearby. The cool water as we jumped in were cleansing and refreshing after a long hot and sweaty day. A short dinghy ride took our company and enthusiastic Lulu to the white beach and the front of humongous Jefferson Fort. Built during the Civil War with slaves and stationed soldiers it is looming over the tale end of the archipelago of Florida Keys.

The full moon and her reflection on the calm waters was a transcendent experience. No internet, no phone, no TV, no news, not even a rowdy costume party — drunk with beauty and the lull of gentle waves.

Capture the Fort

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