To Key West

We had a long fast day of sailing from Marathon to Key West with full crew aboard: our Marathon friends, Taylor, Captain Frank and Dave.

We had a wind on our quarter the whole way, 15 to 25 knots, and we made SOG 8 to 10 knots. Broke the critical mainsail sheet double sheave. Must replace.

Cruised into Key West at 1600, to wind our way into Galleon Marina, packed and confusing, with 20 knots of tail wind. The approach to our dock was demanding and critical – but we didn’t hit anything.

This morning, 15.March.22, we awoke to a rooster crowing. What?

We only have the slip until 1100, so we’ll have to plan. Then we’ll move to anchoring in

Bat HaYam at the Galleon Marina at night. What a monster she is🤪

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coastal cruiser, passage-maker

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