On the big waters

Friday morning. Captain Frank and Dave, our capable crew members, raised the mainsail and the jib. Blessing for the journey, Oz at the helm, Lulu and I on deck, and we are “flying” on a perfect reach with South East winds. The favorable wind and following sea carried us all day until we got closer to Cuba. The winds quieted down and Shabbat entered with calm seas and a gorgeous sunset.

Cuba is somewhere over the horizon and that’s as close as we can get this time around. 😢 This is our first crossing. 360 degrees of only water, away from all civilization, except the random cargo and cruise ships, perhaps more than ever, brings the interconnectedness of all beings into sharp awareness, and the suffering of the people of Ukrainian, Cuba and many other conflicts.

Unfortunately, we heard from Rabbi Schnitzer that because of rising fuel costs, the embargo, and pure greed, the charter airlines to Cuba doubled their price.
It will cost over $4000 to ship the thousand pounds of supplies and The CAJM has no choice but to pay it or lose everything. It’s hard to know how to alleviate so much suffering but if you still have a few shekels in your pocket and still care about this mission, please support the cause. And we understand if this is too much to ask.

Shabbat Shalom, Ori

We stopped in the middle of the ocean
A cruise ship in the distance

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