Some fun too.

Forced to spend more time on the island we enjoyed exploring Mexican cuisine and sailing around the island. It’s a very busy and crowded place. Beautiful beaches and lagoons, interesting cliff formations, colorful streets full of local shops, hundreds of golf carts zooming around and a nice constant cool breeze, even on hot days. Lots of poverty living along fancy villas and hotels. So what’s new?

Life on the boat
Jumping off the deck
Look who’s the driver
Tamar’s favorite place to sleep- hammock over the bow

Published by ozdigennaro

coastal cruiser, passage-maker

2 thoughts on “Some fun too.

  1. It was fun and challenging. We did get to explore the beauty of the island the ocean and lots of time on the sailboat. Thank you Ori and Oz for hosting us, working so hard to cook, clean and accommodate. Thank you for letting us experience a glimpse of your life of the last three month. Can’t wait to have you home.


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