I’ll document the paperwork that I’ve done to properly handle the boat:

At time of purchase:

  • Bill of Sale
  • Bill of Sale for USCG
  • Title
  • I promised to register the boat with the USCG
  • I promised to leave Florida within 90 days, to avoid $18K use tax. And file proof.
  • Buyer’s Acceptance

Radio stuff:

  • I have a FCC “FRN” permanent ID (valid until 2027)
  • Filed for ship station to receive a ship call sign. WDM7760
  • Filed for MMSI with USCG. Helps rescue efforts if I ever need it. 368237030
  • Purchased Garmin InReach – an emergency satphone with GPS. Very nice little piece of equipment.
  • (bought an ICOM M-803 – marine HF radio, no license needed)
  • I have a US Amateur Extra License (call sign AC0IF)


  • filed for registration – received formal document mid.April.22 (pretty slow).

Missed (but should have done. I was advised wrong.)

  • Zarpe – certificate documenting that I left Key West, FL, USA.

Isla Mujeres, Q Roo, Mexico

  • clear in (took five days and fifteen hours of sitting in the office Capitania del Puerto). minor expense, no custom visit to my boat, but I was required to move from Marina del Sol to anchor in the Isla harbor.

Florida Department of Revenue

  • filed documents to prove that Bat HaYam left Florida – the Isla Mujeres “clear in” document is the proof.

Fun fact

  • “zarpe” is a Spanish word from the verb “zarpar” – to set sail, to leave port.
  • It’s a very important document – required to “clear in” to your next country.

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