Just a fun day sailing

I met Jose and his crew on the dock of our marina and helped him with some repairs of his pulpit, which had been mashed quite recently by another boat.

And today we went sailing. I just walked over and invited them. Jose jumped up and the others cooked with the idea a bit, and then realized that we really could just cast off and sail somewhere. Jose and Carla, and Javier and Anna.

We motored out of our lagoon, through the short very-narrow channel into the big harbor of Isla Mujeres, carefully avoiding all the pleasure boats. We cleared the harbor and raised the sails. 10 knots of wind, easy seas – we were making 5 knots with mains’l and genoa.

When we reached the danger light off the Isla Contoy reef, we turned east and then south to head home. We caught a nice fish for dinner.

Published by ozdigennaro

coastal cruiser, passage-maker

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