Adding a Stormsail over a genoa jib

We decided to add a stormsail. In bad weather, the big genoa jib is furled and the stormsail is hoisted OVER the furled jib. This requires a separate halyard, and we pressed into service the halyard sheave often used for a spinnaker. (light-wind, down-wind, giant parachute sail. Which I don’t have)

The holes in the mast are all in use, so both arms of the halyard run freely down the outside of the mast.

A halyard is a line on a sailboat used to hoist things, like sails. A halyard often extends to the top of the mast and back down. A tall pulley setup.

Hoisting the stormsail; you cqn see the furled jib above me.
Striking the stormsail

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coastal cruiser, passage-maker

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