Moment by moment discovery

While most of North America is under freezing temperatures here in Belize it “dropped to 78.” And, the wind has been playing with us. While we have been staying in a hotel on the beach with the boat anchored within sight, it’s the second morning that we awakened to find out that the boat was dragged to somebody’s dock. yesterday it also got entangled in a resort swimming line and it took two divers to untangle it from the engines. Seems that the thin layer of sand on top of a rock bed doesn’t hold the anchor around here.

Nice and helpful people help us along the way.

Arnold, Oscar and Jonathan from left to right.

The name of the resort is Xanadu. Yes, the same as the legendary place mentioned in Coleridge’s poem where Kublai Khan built a giant dome. Turns out the owner is a South African Jew who lives now in Israel who founded this place with the same fantasy of a dome. Today it’s run by his children and grandchildren and it’s a beautiful thatched place on the beach in San Pedro. Check it out.

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