A Dolphin Blessing

Early morning, as soon as the sun appeared from behind the clouds, we started preparations to leave the very south tip of Turneeffe Atoll and find shelter from the raging trade winds inside the reef. We needed a blessings, and sure enough, a beautiful adult dolphin swooped near the boat and pirouetted in the water. Oz shouted: “That a boy!” It felt like a good omen.

With lifted spirits we proceeded into the pass and charged east, motoring all the way in 10-12 foot seas directly on the stern. We managed to go through the opening in the reef and found shelter on the west side of Colson Caye, back in tropical paradise. Our routine when we arrive in a new spot, weather permitting, is to jump into the water to refresh and swim. Then we take the dingy for an exploration tour.

Many of the cayes are just a patch of mangrove with nothing else. Sometimes there’s a single fisherman hut on stilts with a couple of dogs. We were unpleasantly surprised by wild noise near us. Suddenly, from the bushes, a pack of dogs emerged barking like crazy. They chased after us, persisting, daring to swim very close. They seemed emaciated and angry. It was a very spooky and sad sight. At that moment I was happy our Lulu was not with us. These dogs are left on the mangrove to guard the island with probably very little food and caring human encounters.

We met Dave, a professional skipper in the Belize waters, from the other boat in the bay, and he gave us tips for nice places to visit. We count our blessings and feel gratitude for the life we dare to lead.

Published by orihar

Rabbi, world traveler.

One thought on “A Dolphin Blessing

  1. Wow, I can’t even imagine what you’re living through and how you manage it! It feels like another planet for me. I am glad for you that you feel grateful for all those experiences though.


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