Tobacco Caye and Reef’s End

As we approached tiny Tobacco Caye on a beautiful crystal clear day and started the anchoring process we’re welcomed by a huge Eagle ray who showed us the good spot. Near this Caye, which is nestled on the reef, there are very few good anchoring spots and on the third trial, we managed to place the anchor in a spot of sand smaller than our footprint of the boat. This anchor held for the next two days of storm.

As you can see, the island begged for a visit and our hungry bellies led us to Reef’s End, a lovely and modest lodge and a fantastic restaurant. As we approached the dock with our dinghy, Lesley, a frequent guest who visits this place for over a decade, helped us with the painter (the line that ties the dinghy to the dock). Turns out that we discovered a hidden gem which we returned to for the next two nights in a row. We planned on staying one night but the weather turned and a cold north front changed our plans. It was a blessing in disguise, since we got to know the owners of the lodge: a Swedish man and his Asian New Yorker wife/partner. They discovered the place ten years ago and slowly developed it over the years creating a traveler’s haven. They spend six months in Belize and the rest in Sweden mostly on a boat cruising around that part of the world. See? We’re not the only crazy adventurers.

Reef’s End—why not give them a visit?
My virgin pina colada with fresh coconut milk.

View of the boat from the Caye.

Southwest Ray moves like an underwater alien.

We waited two days for the weather and we should have waited three.

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3 thoughts on “Tobacco Caye and Reef’s End

      1. It’s fascinating how your journey takes place so deeply in the physical world, of course with all the possible metaphors, and my journey takes me so deeply inside. Ultimately I guess that it all is the same…

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