Sailing in the Rain

We waited all morning for the storm to pass and got tired of waiting. So we set sail from Tobacco Caye in the direction of the Pelican Cayes. Except there was no sailing, only motoring all the way in the rain. We arrived at Hideaway Caye and found that the five mooring balls were taken. Many other boats were seeking refuge. The owner of this privately-owned Caye recommended an alternative “safe” anchorage nearby which is nestled between two coral reefs.

Sailing in the rain

It was Valentine Day and we’re hoping to visit their family-owned restaurant for a nice dinner. By the time we finished anchoring damp darkness enveloped us. We looked at each other and said: no way, we’re staying put rather then trying to dinghy our way in the stormy night. We woke up to a new sunny day with amazing views of the pristine marine reserve all around us. (A UNESCO World Heritage Site).

The next day the other boats left, but we decided to stay one more night to snorkel and to take in the views. A completely calm day, the sea like glass.

The glorious pristine day wasn’t a prelude to what came at night. The winds picked up and the anchor alarm went off in the middle of the night. Not again! We had to spring into action in the pitch dark, raise the bridle and anchor before we hit the nearby reef and get out of there. We had three options: try to find another anchoring place, find an available mooring ball or motor out of the U shaped collection of cayes and reef with only one entrance. We chose the last. And on our way out, we almost almost collided with another boat.

Dinner at Hideaway Caye

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