Celebrating the holiday of Freedom— Passover

A very comfortable anchorage—perfect for celebrating Passover— very unusual. During the Seder as part of the ritual we ask: how’s this night different from all other nights? Well, almost everything was different. Only the two of us instead of the whole family with minimal traditional foods, yet we had all the basics: red wine, matzah, greens, Marror (bitter herbs), Charoset (yummy mixture of apples and nuts), and matzah ball soup Ori prepared on the spot. We followed the Haggadah to the best of our tired-selves ability, we sang songs, and discussed the sour state of events in Israel and the world at large. We felt so blessed to be free, showered with the full moon light, together and surrounded by endless waters of freedom.

Published by orihar

Rabbi, world traveler.

One thought on “Celebrating the holiday of Freedom— Passover

  1. I’m so happy this crossed my FB page! I’m loving this. That last post – whoa! From one brave and resilient soul to two others – whoa! Huge grin happening here. Bring it on, Light and Strength, carrying Healing and Justice (stamma, kacha) with you. Epic, as I see it, in so very many ways.


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