Sailing the Yucatan Channel

We have arrived back on the boat, mid.December.2022 and finished the refit. Andreas, a local sailor, helped me immensely. We fixed the three diesel engines, the four heads, raised the sails, extended the electrical system (including multiple ammeters). (Why do we need multiple ammeters? We have six sources of energy to change the batteries, andContinue reading “Sailing the Yucatan Channel”

Cielo Marine Park on Cozumel

We sailed down the west coat of Cozumel to the southwest point. A fabulous marine park “Cielo” (means heaven). Popular, but quite large and not crowded.ere We found one of the park’s mooring balls and just hung out. Swimming and drinking iced tea. No fishing allowed. Jose and Carla and Issac and his sister –Continue reading “Cielo Marine Park on Cozumel”