Adding a Stormsail over a genoa jib

We decided to add a stormsail. In bad weather, the big genoa jib is furled and the stormsail is hoisted OVER the furled jib. This requires a separate halyard, and we pressed into service the halyard sheave often used for a spinnaker. (light-wind, down-wind, giant parachute sail. Which I don’t have) The holes in theContinue reading “Adding a Stormsail over a genoa jib”

Depart Key West – heading south and west

After a calm night on the Garrison Bight Mooring Field, we cast off and motor around Fleming Island. Late yesterday, Oz took the dinghy and bicycle to fetch a required part from West Marine: a double block for the mainsail sheets. One day late. And milk and beer. Weather looks calm, maybe too calm –Continue reading “Depart Key West – heading south and west”

A different kind of Purim

We celebrated Erev Purim on the deck at the Garrison Bight Morning Field. The lights of neighboring mooring boats added festivity to our humble meal and small company. We had no hamantaschen but plenty of beer and wine and audience that listened to the story of Purim for the first time. Thursday welcomed us withContinue reading “A different kind of Purim”