Cuba Mission

Change of Plan. Russia has invaded Ukraine and that has changed everything. We can no longer sail to Cuba with our cargo of food and meds.

This is a great loss and also a great relief. In the last few days we have heard from several resources that it’s no longer safe for us to sail to Havana. We were waiting for official letters to approve the shipment and smooth the process in Customs, and although the Minister of Religion, Caridad Diego, has approved the shipment and made a call to the right people, it has been canceled with no idea of renewal.

We had a meeting with the Cuban Jewish delegate in Miami and we agreed that it would no longer be safe for us to travel to Cuba and we don’t think that we can unload the goods in Cuba.

Tomorrow morning we will transfer the goods from our boat to a team that will transport them to Cuba in other ways.

We and the Cuban American Jewish Mission are grateful for your generous donation. Now more than ever the Jewish Community there needs our support.

If you are still interested in donating here is the info:

Donate Here

or write a check payable to:
The Cuba America Jewish Mission (CAJM)
Mailing Address;
6601 Bradley Blvd
Bethesda MD 20817

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2 thoughts on “Cuba Mission

  1. Dear R’Ori and Oz,
    I can’t even imagine your disappointment. I am glad you are safe and have found ways to get the badyly merchandise and good to the Cuban people. Stay safe.


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