Isla Mujeres, Mexico

It’s ten days since we entered the territorial waters of Mexico via Isla Mujeres and docked in down home Marina del Sol. Our plan was to welcome the children on their Spring Break and sail away. Once again, we planned and She laughed. If there’s anyone who invented bureaucracy it is Mexico. It took us five days of long waiting hours in various offices, hundreds copies of forms and stoic amount of patience. We are officially in the country. Then came the weather.

As part of the immigration process they asked us to move to the harbor exactly on an unfortunate night.

On March 24 A fierce squall brings gale force winds and driving rain, releasing our catamaran from its anchor while we run into the bow of another boat. Our anchor hooks the anchor chain of another boat causing it to spin into another boat. We spent 2 hours on what seemed like the set of the Perfect Storm untangling our anchor from their’s, getting soaked to the bone and getting grounded in the process. We spent a sleepless night standing watch to make sure we didn’t collide with anyone else. And, in the morning with only half a foot of tide we drove off and re-anchored. This wasn’t exactly what I planned for my grandkids to experience but I have to say that they were present and helpful. None of us was in real danger but it was scary. We escaped with minimal damage to the boat.

Approaching Isla Mujeres.
Raising the Mexican flag
Elan is helping to raise the American flag

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