We all traveled to San Pedro in the Ambergris Cays: the kids and Ori took a flight to Belize City and Oz, with a crew member, called Nacho, sailed from Mexico. It took them about a week from Isla Mujeres to San Pedro. It took us 4 hours to Belize City and a couple more , with a ferry, to San Pedro.

We landed in Casa Rana (house of the frog) —paradise. A gorgeous villa on the beach where Romi roamed like a little fairy, singing and dancing and playing with her favorite aunt, Doda Eli.

It’s easy to get used to luxury, no screen time, no work, lots of diving ( Lael) and snorkeling (some of us), taking turns cooking and lots lots of fun family time. The week passed bye fast. Too fast. 🥲

Casa Rana

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3 thoughts on “Belize

  1. It was one of the nicest places I’ve ever stayed. Minus the unfortunate health issues. it was very restorative, relaxing and beautiful. Liran and Ori Thank you for finding this house and organizing this trip. Matan, thanks for paying extra to make it possible. thank you, Matan and Liran for staying so positive in the midst of challenges. And of course, for my precious nieces.


  2. Truly a relaxing family vacation- I loved it, and slept and snorkeled a lot. It’s worth paying more for such a nice place which I hope will inform our future choices for tropical vacations. Grateful for all of you, and the chance to chase Romi around, play games, and hold lovely Naiya. I’m glad Matan and Liran were able to enjoy the second part of the week there after their health challenges. Thoughts on Belize: the water and the reefs are incredible: so much abundance of coral and fish to see. Secret Beach is not a secret. The wealth disparity really disturbs me: foreign wealth along the shore, and the poverty so evident in the interior as families live in shacks, many of them in swamps, surrounded by garbage. I don’t take my privilege for granted. I look forward to hearing about Placencia….


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