Colorful Belize

Did you know that Belize belongs to the Commonwealth and King Charles the III is its sovereign? Beside being the nicest, most generous and helpful people the Belizean are a very colorful and diverse people coming from many cultures and languages. The official language is English but on the street, between themselves, they speak Belizean Creole. You can also hear, Spandlish, Spanish, Mayan languages, German dialects, (there’s a serious Mennonite community here), and Garifuna. They are all multilingual. It’s really amazing.

We also met people from Lebanon who own big businesses on the island. At the Hardware store I had a “political” conversation with the owner and we both agreed on the need of the common people to make peace far away from terror, and corruption. If it only was so easy. And how not? There’s also a small Israeli community here and a Chabad Center. Lebanese and Israelis get along well here. Perhaps we send Bibi here for a vacation where the Tarpon fish come up to the surface for fresh air and are protected from all forms of violence; where Eagle Rays spread their “wings” like underwater angels and all is so relaxed and peaceful.

Travel planning on the boat is an ever-changing business. Today, after a pleasant week in which we stayed in Isla Bonita Marina in San Pedro, provision, and some minor repairs, we are planning to set sail south to Cay Caulker. It’s a beautiful day, with gentle wind and no waves so far.

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Sunrise over the Caribbean ocean

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